Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Next Step.....

Exhausted.  Sore.  Poor.  These are the three adjectives I am using to describe myself after this week.  We (my parents, a dear friend of mine and her son) have done so much.  We have ripped out the kitchen cabinets and the flooring.  Taken down the loft that was above the kitchen (WOW! Did that open it up in there!).  My dad and I caused a small flood, which looking back ended up being a comedy of errors.

Then we bought, loaded and unloaded (down a hill) a 100 cinder blocks and mini blocks to use as bracing under the house.  I can honestly say that there is no need for me to workout this week.  Not with all the stuff I have been doing. 

What I love most about this whole process is...well, several things actually.
  1. Finding out that things are not as bad as what they first appeared.
  2. Being able to see in my mind how everything is going to look when all is said and done.
  3. Knowing that if I buy one thing a paycheck to make the house presentable, that is way okay, because I still have two loving parents that aren't going to kick me out.
  4. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even though there is a lot of fog between us.
  5. Having wonderful family & friends to help turn my little do-it-yourselfer into a home.
Now, my mom has set me to an impossible task.  Come up with a name for my cottage.  I first thought of "Rose Cottage", but that is a retirement village in Fort Worth.  Ummmm....not so much.  My friend's son wants me to call it "The Burnsey Cave".  I love him dearly, but nah.  So I need help.

There are hills, cedars, a brook (yes, as in the babbling kind), and roses.  Inside there will be lots of books and a nautical theme, mixed up with decorative crosses and collector Barbies.  I know, I am very eclectic to say the least.  Mom has named theirs "Hillside Acres," so please nothing like that.  I need help!

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